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Turns Out We’ve Been Using Slinkies Wrong This WHOLE Time

Well this story certainly takes us back...

Remember back before everything we did to pass the time was on an iPhone and we had those toys made out of a really loose kind of spring?

Yep the Slinky was the best.

Now we always thought that the technique to using a slinky was pretty simple. You'd sit it on the top of a staircase and let it slink it's way down.

And so when we came across this video while scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed late last night we were literally so SHOCKED at the way that this one guy uses a slinky...

And apparently this is how we were supposed to be doing it this whole time!! Check it out in the video above and prepare to LOSE YOUR MIND!

Can you be a professional slinky user for a living..? Because we think this guy would be perfect for the job!

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