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WATCH: GIANT Spider Tries To Escape Flood Waters

Okay hold the phone, this is like something straight out of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets because we seriously didn’t even know that it was possible for spiders this HUMUNGOUS to even exist!

But nope this isn’t the fictional Aragog that Harry and Ron come face to face with, this is a legitimate spider that lives in good ol’ Straya and we’ve literally never been more scared to live in our country than right now.

The giant arachnid was spotted clinging to the branch of a tree in the town Halifax in northern Queensland, attempting to escape the flood waters after the area was inundated with over 400 millimetres of rain over four days.

The creature is believed to be a native Eastern Tarantula, or Whistling Spider, named after the hissing sound that it makes. *GULP* Yep not only is this thing DISGUSTINGLY massive but it also HISSES at you! That’s enough to give anyone nightmares.

But one brave person, who clearly doesn’t suffer from even the slightest amount of arachnophobia, decided to save the spider from the floods and was spotted picking up the branch and carrying the spider to safety. The spider’s super hero, or I guess you could call him spider man… placed the arachnid on a nearby avocado tree.

I guess the one bit of comfort that we can take from this is that this spider remains safely up in north Queensland. 

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