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Watch These Aussie Legends Save A Kangaroo Stuck In Mud

Two Aussie teenagers are being heralded as heroes after they saved a poor kangaroo stuck in mud flats on the outskirts of Sydney.

Two 19 year-olds Jack Donnelly and Nick Heath, were trailbike riding through bushland at Agnes Banks near the Nepean River when they spotted a kangaroo stuck up to its neck in mud.

After spotting the animal in obvious distress, the boys attempted to reach it without any luck so hurried home to get a long piece of rope.

Jack's grandmother Kerry Reynolds told 9News.com, “Nick tied a rope around his waist and he had to go out commando style,"

"And then my grandson pulled him back in with the rope – around 30 metres or so."

The kangaroo was then taken to  Wires, who believe the animal was trapped for some time and was suffering from dehydration.

"They had it in their bath tub last night trying to get all the mud off," Ms Reynolds said.

"They were concerned whether its kidneys would cope with not having enough water, but ... they said it would pull through."

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