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We're Going BONKS Over This Perth Kid's Book Week Costume

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve done it, we’ve reached peak Book Week.

While Facebook feeds everywhere are clogged with Harry Potter and Where’s Wally costumes… there’s Joshua Gonzalez.

The nine-year-old has gone viral after dressing up as WA’s ‘spud king’, Tony Galati.


“When there were no Deadpool costumes left in any of the shops he said ‘Mum, I’m not going as Deadpool, I’m going as Tony Galati’,” Ari Gonzalez, Joshua’s mother, told the Melville Times.

All the costume elements to re-create the Spudshed owner were already things the family had at home.

“We had to do a quick stop at the supermarket on the way to grab a bag of spuds on our way to school… that was the most expensive part of his outfit.”

His 12-year-old sister then “went to town” with an eyebrow pencil.

“All the teachers were having a giggle at him because he is quite renowned for his sense of humour; they know him as the class clown at school, they weren’t really surprised,” Mrs Gonzalez said.

With a stack of Facebook pages dedicated to just swapping Book Week costumes is proof enough that coming up with ideas can be a headache for parents.

Melville Times

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