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We've Been Pronouncing 'Zara' Wrong This Whole Time

Yep, another fashion label we've been pronouncing wrong in an embarrassing way.

Apparently, we've all been saying 'Zara' wrong.

Due to its origins in A Coruña, in Northern Spain, it's pronounced "Dzah-dah", rather than "Zah-rah".

Refinery29 senior fashion news editor, Alexandra Ilyashov said, "Between checking out the retailer's sprawling design studios and sipping Rioja, we realized there was a key component to the Zara orbit that we hadn't quite grasped yet: How the hell DO you pronounce Zara correctly, anyway? Luckily, one of the retailer's communications reps was kind enough to set the record straight for us."

I think I nailed it.

A video posted by RACHEL BESSER (@rachelbesser) on

In the northern region of Spain, Zs are pronounced with a soft "th" sound and Rs are closer to Ds.

H/T Refinery29

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