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What Is The Most Pet Friendly City In Australia?

Let's open this by stating this study is not about which city loves and cares for their pets most.

It is about what city has the best facilities and general pet friendliness. 

Dr Chris Brown has listed the top 16 areas in order as to who gets a big 'lick of approval' and MELBOURNE tops the list. 

Interestingly, Gold Coast and Canberra come in second and third in the list while Brisbane (11) and Sydney (15) are down towards the bottom of the list. 

According to Brown, the survey interviewed 3000 people across the country. 

So what’s the most pet friendly city in Australia? Research released today reveals that Melbourne gets the biggest ‘lick...

Posted by Dr Chris Brown on Sunday, 8 November 2015

What do you think about your city? 

Is it pet friendly? Or does more need to be done? 

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