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Woman Dumps Boyfriend Because He Loved His Sister Too Much

Some people take sibling love to a whole other level.

One woman has revealed how her ex-boyfriend's, uh, "bond" with his sister became a little bit too much, leading her to break things off.

30-year-old Jacinta Coelho broke up with "Jack" (renamed to save embarrassment) after four months because of his weird relationship with his sister.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Jacinta told the story of how she met Jack at a pub years ago and how they hit it off.

After a month, he introduced her to his family which is when things got very weird...

Jack's sister "Melinda" entered the scene and Jacinta found it weird just how often Jack would compliment his sister - i.e. her hair, how she dressed...

"We would go out and she'd be there nine times out of ten. It seemed like she didn't have her own friends," Jacinta said.

"Jack and I might get a few hours alone but she'd always come into it somehow. If there was any excuse to be there, she'd be there."

"It almost starts to feel like you're competing with someone you're not meant to be competing with - it felt like she was cutting my grass."

It didn't stop there. While Jacinta tried to ignore the weird AF relationship, things got a little bit too bizarre to brush aside.

One day, while Jacinta and Jack were cozied up on a couch, Melinda stared at her from a distance...

While this was creepy AF, the worst was yet to come. According to Jacinta, she found Melinda sleeping in Jack's bed one night.

"I was going to stay over, so I went into his bedroom and was trying to set up and she was asleep in his bed," Jacinta said. "It was the straw that broke the camel's back... I had to walk out of the room and ask Jack why she was there."

"He said: 'She does that sometimes. Sometimes she gets creeped out in the other room,' like it was normal.

"She was 21, it's not like we were talking about a two-year-old."

While it is unclear whatever happened to Jack and Melinda, Jacinta has been married since 2016...to someone who is not her brother.

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