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You Can Now Print A 3D Model Of Your Unborn Child

By Isabella Lovric

Thanks to the world of ever-evolving technology, mothers in Russia can now print 3D models of their unborn children. 

Medical officials have begun converting ultrasound photos of unborn babies into 3D models, which are then printed into life-size, plastic replicas.

These models even focus and replicate tiny details such as the child's tiny hands, feet and face. 


(Image: Ruptly)

The founder and head of Embryo 3D, Ivan Gridin, came up with the idea when he became worried about a friend and the wellbeing of her unborn child.

"I was fond of new technologies at that time, and 3D-printing,” Mr Gridin said.

"Earlier we printed only from plastic, but now we are able to make plaster models and cover them with precious metals.” 


(Image: Ruptly)

3D printing technology on unborn babies has had multiple advantages within the medical community, enabling the ability to replicate the entire internal structure of the foetus -  including a detailed view of the respiratory tract - assisting doctors in assessing abnormalities.

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