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Young Cancer Patient Passes Away Two Days After Saying ‘I Do

By Isabella Lovric

Heartbreak follows after a 19-year-old cancer patient, Lydia Dominguez, married her best friend and then sadly passed away two days later.


Sourced from El Paso Times

Mrs Dominguez suffered from stage 4 kidney cancer and had decided to terminate treatment with her last dying wish to to marry her best friend, 21-year-old Joshua Ordoñez.

The hospital staff at El Paso Hospital organized their wedding in four hours, and the celebration included a cake, food and a poster for guests to sign. 


Sourced from El Paso Times

As she walked towards him, he reached for her hands, and the two stood together as they exchanged vows, ring and a loving kiss.

The young couple were surrounded by their friends, family and nurses at the hospital, who were all teary eyed. 

Things took a devastating turn when Lydia passed away two days later in her husbands loving arms.

The Director of Marketing for El Paso Children’s Hospital, Audrey Garcia, shared further details about her death to El Paso Times.

"This morning she woke up and said she was hot and she needed to do her hair. So mom put up her hair in a bun. She got a bit weak afterwards and laid down," he said.

"She turned to look at her husband and smiled. She sat up and gave him the biggest hug. She then laid back down and all her family told her it was OK ... she could let go. And in two breaths, she was gone."

When Joshua was asked about marrying Lydia, he responded saying: ”They tell you to marry your best friend, she's my best friend," Ordoñez said.


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