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The One Thing Delta Goodrem Is Accused Of Doing On The Voice

Fans of The Voice have accused Delta Goodrem of only voting for attractive contestants on the reality show. 

Last night's episode saw Delta's team of Tim and Ellis go head-to-head singing Ed Sheeran's Bloodstream. Viewers were quick to point out on social media that the singer appeared to be voting with her eyes.  

"(She) always goes for the good looking boys," one viewer tweeted. 

"This is called 'The Voice' not 'The Look' Delta. We all know why Tim was picked. It wasn't because he was the better singer," another commented. 

Fans believe Tim's rugged good looks and charm won him the vote.

"You both are artists that I want to work with. But going forward in this moment, the artist that I feel needs my coaching, is Tim," she said last night.   

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