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The Real Reason Laura Is Actually On The Bachelor Revealed

OK, so, there are reports that Laura Byrne may not be all she seems.

A ‘well-placed’ source has spilled to the Daily Mail that the favourite to win Matty J’s heart on the Bachelor, is cold, calculating and looking for 'nothing but fame'.  

They went on to say that Laura is there for "self-promotion and not for love".  

"The other girls knew she was on there to plug her company, and rise in her social standing," they said.

"She is snobby, at times rude, and very short with people. She is a smart woman, but cold and calculating."

'While the other girls were warm and polite to the wait-staff, Laura rarely said 'thank you'', they added. 

The spy, however, said that Matty J was just as "fame hungry" and has been playing up to the cameras to create the appearance of romance.

"Matty is 100 per cent trained. He is taught how to act, but more importantly how to speak," they revealed. 

"Laura and Matty know how to give the producers what they want."


The Bachelor airs on Channel Ten at 7.30pm tonight.

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