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The REALLY Big Problem With Having Leah On The Bachelor

If you’ve been watching you’ll know that Leah is one of those girls you probably don’t like, but you have to admire. I mean, her determination is applaudable.

She knows what she wants, and she goes for it. It’s a commendable trait, but for some viewers, it’s too obvious.

You see, people watching the show have a problem with how obvious it is that Leah’s only there for ratings.

Her antics get people talking, she’s fun, she’s Keira 2.0 - she causes a stir and doesn’t give a sh*t what anyone else thinks. But let’s be honest, Matty isn’t going to end up with her.

Last night, viewers took to Twitter to express their distain for Leah’s snarky comments and ‘mean girl’ antics, after she called fellow Bachelorettes ‘hopeless’.

'It's too obvious that the producers of #TheBachelorAU are only keeping Leah around for ratings. No chance Matty could be interested at all,' one tweet read.

'Dear Producers. Please stop keeping Leah in the show for ratings. She is horrid. #thebachelorAU,' another viewer wrote alongside a Mean Girls meme.

Another fan pointed out: 'Yoo, you need to realise Leah has been hired to be on the show for drama. Give her a few more eps then she will be gone #TheBachelorAU.'

Source: Daily Mail

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