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The Shocking Moment From Andrew And Jono In House Rules

They are the boys who everyone thinks are the perfect contestants on House Rules.

But it looks like that is all about to become very different.

During this week's semi-final charity renovation in Sydney, WA brothers Andrew and Jono get into a showdown with Queensland couple Aaron and Daniella.

It gets so bad, that Daniella says: ‘You should hear the boys down there... they have turned into the girls,’’ referring to eliminated villains Fiona and Nicole.

‘He’s turning into Nicole, I couldn’t believe it,’’ she continues to say as the boys competitive streak comes out for the first time.

Jono even admits they're very competitive.

‘If we’re in a competition we’re in it to win and we’ll always give our all, right to the end,’’ he continues.

Andrew agrees, adding: ‘I think we have been competitive the whole time. Just because we didn’t get heated doesn’t mean we weren’t competitive.’

House Rules airs Monday 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, Channel Seven.

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