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There's A BIG Change Coming To Ninja Warrior And It's Good!

He has appeared on Australian Ninja Warrior as well as Ninja Warrior UK but contestant Fred Dorrington has revealed that even though he made it the furthest..

He did not receive a cent for appearing on the show.

The 27-year-old spoke out after the criticism was levelled at the show for not paying out its $100,000 prize fund.

The star revealed that most people are in it for the ‘challenge’.


When speaking to New Idea, he also said that there ‘shouldn’t be a winner for the first season.’

He told the magazine that you have to ‘earn that title’.

Fans took to social media after the grand final after nobody successfully completed the course.

Channel Nine has now confirmed that the prize money will double to $200,000 for the next season of Ninja Warrior.

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