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One Thing You Need To Know About Elora From The Bachelor!

OK, we have dug deep into the Bachelor archives and figured out that after tonight’s single date, Elora will make the final three.

It’s not guaranteed but, based on past Bachelor’s series, it’s extremely likely.

Looking back, whoever got a single date in episode 8 (Thursday night's ep) is at least in the final three.

In season one, Tim Robards took Anna, who won, on a date.

In season two, Blake Garvey took Louise on a date before she was eliminated in the final three round but actually became his girlfriend after the show had finished.

Season three, we saw Sam Wood take Snezana on a date before she won the three and Richie took Olena on a date in season four before dropping her in the final three.

If all that research doesn’t prove something, then we don’t know what does.

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