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Happy 70th Pete Townshend!

One the most famous lines Pete Townshend ever wrote was "Hope I die before I get old," but thankfully, that did not happen.  The Who's guitarist, main songwriter and creative mastermind turns 70 today.

In celebration of Pete Townshend's 70th birthday , he released "Guantanamo," the first of two new songs on his new hits collection, Truancy: The Very Best of Pete Townshend, which will be out on June 30th.

"I thought this song might never see the light of day," says Townshend. "But now [that] President Obama has relaxed sanctions in Cuba, it is a happy sign he might go further... The lyric grew out of the implicit angry frustration in the organ tracks."

The other new song on the album is "How Can I Help You."

Townshend and The Who are on tour set to perform in Uniondale, New York tomorrow night.

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