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We FINALLY Know What MAFS Michelle's New Beau Looks Like

We've been teased with tattoos and shielded photos. Now we know who Michelle's new man is!

The Married At First Sight twin shared a sweet pic with her boyfriend after attending a charity event where competed in a charity boxing match. 

While her twin Sharon won in the boxing ring, Michelle thinks she came out with an alright prize. 

Her new boyfriend is named Adam and the two look very happy together. 

You'll remember Michelle was matched up with Jesse Konstantinoff on Married at First Sight and despite his best efforts to cling to their relationship, she dumped him. 

Meanwhile, twin Sharon seems to still be coupled up with her MAFS match, Nick Furphy, even getting matching tattoos while abroad last month. 

She also recently announced that she was about to move to Melbourne to be with her hubby and is on the lookout for work. 

All the best to the thriving couple.

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