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So, Harry Has Invited His Ex To His Wedding

While we won’t actually know until Harry and Meghan’s big day, we reckon the following are sure to get a guernsey…


Elton John – not only was he one of Diana’s dearest friends, he was also at Kate and Wills’ wedding in 2011.


David and Victoria Beckham, for no other reason other than, like Elton, were guests at Kate and Williams’ wedding, and they’re pretty much royalty anyway.

Priyanka Chopra (below) – this actress is one of Markle’s best mates


Serena Williams – apparently also really good friends with Meghan


Markus Anderson (below, next to Megsie) – reportedly the mutual friend who introduced Markle to Harry


The Spice Girls – Mel B spilled the beans in February that the girl band ‘might’ attend the wedding (it also accounts for Victoria Beckham already being there).


Chris Martin – It looks good for the Coldplay frontman as he’s previously performed at one of Harry’s events

James Blunt – same deal as Chris Martin (snakes alive, could you imagine the tweets?

Ellie Goulding – performed at Kate and Wills’ wedding, so a second invite is pretty solid.

Misha Nonoo – Markle famously wore Nonoo’s ‘husband shirt’ at the Invictus Games and is rumoured to be the secret designer of Markle’s wedding gown.

Cara Delevigne – her friendship with Harry is said to go ‘way back’

Justin and Sophie Trudeau – this is a weird one because no world leaders have been invited as they traditionally would be, but we reck the popular Canadian Prime Minister got around this because of the Royal couple’s ties with Toronto – Trudeau welcomed Harry’s Invictus Games and Meghan lived in the city while filming ‘Suits’.

Patrick J Adams – speaking of Suits, this guy not only played Markle’s fiancé on the show, he’s apparently also one of her closest friends.


Abigail Spencer – another Suits person.

Margot Robbie – The Aussie actress has said that she and Harry text occasionally. OK.


Sam Branson – as in Richard’s son – is said to be a good mate of Harry's.

Ed Sheeran – in December, Sheeran expressed a desire to perform during their first dance but in February, he told the BBC he has yet to be asked.


OK, so apparently, Chelsy Davy, as in Harry’s ex-girlfriend, who he dated for 7 years, has been invited.

And look, we’re really on the fence about this as a quick straw poll around the office… people are really divided on ex’s at weddings.

Thing is, while she’s been invited to the ceremony and the lunchtime reception, she’s apparently ‘shocked’ that she wasn’t invited to the night time reception, which TBH, sounds like the party you actually want to be at.


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