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Your Favourite Goggleboxers Have Just Revealed Who They Hate

It’s the show that has kept Australia hooked for two months.

But the armchair critics on Gogglebox have unleashed on the villains of Married At First Sight during this weeks episode.

Angie told her couch buddy Yvie 'Here comes the devil that DOESN'T wear Prada!' when Andrew walked onto their screen.

The episode the critics watched was the dinner reunion, where all the couples were reunited following the final commitment ceremonies.

Andrew was married to Cheryl on the show and caused one of the shows biggest scandals when he made rude comments during the infamous ‘boys night’.

Once the viewers had moved on from Andrew, they were onto Anthony who with Isabelle Silbury frankly called him an 'idiot', while high school friends Zina and Vivian claimed: 'Guys like that are why we have trust issues.'

Best mates Adam and Symon said all Anthony needed to do was ’say I’m sorry’ to his wife Nadia for abusing her through the process.

Only two of the ten couples from this series of Married, At First Sight, have stayed together.

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