Monday 22 Dec 2014 3:41PM


Mark's dream was always to be on the radio...he grew up in Perth and it was 96FM in the 80's that got Mark into music. He is more than a smiley face and a man with a good voice...

He loves music of all kinds, but has a real passion for early rock and the birth of the blues. He loves early Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry and the bands that had their beginnings in the blues. He is a great guy to have on your table for music trivia nights!

Family always comes first for Mark and he is in his element watching the Eagles win a game, and having a nice dinner with his wife and son.

He has a vast music knowledge that fits perfectly with our mission of respecting the music.

Tune into 96FM between 9 and 12pm weekdays to hear Smiley's friendly voice in mornings and between 9 and 12pm Sunday mornings on the Classic Café.