Wednesday 04 Mar 2015 7:12PM


He only ever wanted to be on radio and after getting a taste on 6PR at aged 14, he's been filling the air around WA with his words pretty much ever since.

He does love music, which is a handy thing if you're 16 and playing songs that came out a decade before you did. Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' clinched the deal and Darren has never looked back.

Now even though his musical taste is pretty broad, he also loves Tom Petty and (nowdays with their guitarist part of 96FM's on-air lineup he hesitates to admit it) he is also partial to the output of Eskimo Joe. (Stu, don't let that go to your head!)

He can be informative, silly, quite interesting, (occasionally) funny and even plain weird...and sometimes all of the above at once, but that's what we love about him.

Just try not to get him started about Doctor Who...