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8% Of Us Are Doing Something BIZARRE In Public Bathrooms

So public toilets are known as a place to go and relieve yourself.

Often, people bring a little bit of entertainment with them if they know they’re going to be a while.

You’ve probably seen the memes about bringing your phone with you when you know you're going to take your time.

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Taking your phone with you to the toilet is not that uncommon. But it's what we're looking at that's a bit surprising. 

New data shows that there's a few of us who aren't just scrolling through Facebook, but streaming Netflix.

Netflix has revealed that 8 percent of Aussie users are streaming their content in the bathroom, specifically the toilet. And it's slightly higher than the global average of 7 percent. 

The thing is, we get that you might binge watch a bit of TV on your private throne, but a public stall? 

Maybe this is why the lines in public loos are so long...

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