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Australia Post Have Started Trialling ROBOT Posties

Vision has been released of the new ‘robot posties’ that are being trialled on the streets by Australia Post.

The mini trucks have been named, ‘Billie the box’ and effectively, are a solution for after-hours parcel delivery.

As a customer, you set a time for delivery and then wait for your robot to arrive.

Once the bot is out the front, you’ll receive an SMS saying, ‘Hey I’m out the front, please come down and pick up your parcel.’

The text also provides a code to unlock the box. After that, the robot whizzes on off on its own.

If you’re worried about your parcel being taken or the robot being stolen, they've thought of that too.

Each robot weighs around 100 kilos and features a locked compartment that can only be opened with the temporary code. It’s also fitted with sensors to successfully dodge anything in its path. They also have a navigation system which can drive on a range of different terrains in all weather conditions.

Billie the box is currently being trialled for the next 4 weeks. 

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