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Christmas Just Became Every Hipster's Dream Thanks To This

It’s November! That means Halloween is over and it’s time to focus on the most joyous time of the year… Christmas! 

Many people are familiar with Christmas wreaths and many people are obsessed with succulents. If you’re a fan of both then you’ll love this! Wreaths and succulents have come together in wonderful harmony thanks to Little Succers! 

The succulent delivery brand has not one, but two succulent wreaths on offer. A full succulent version and a more subtle wreath that involves a lot more twigs than succulents. 

These unique wreaths don’t come cheap though! The full-succulent version will set you back $190, while the twig one comes in at $90. The price may be worth it though as either one would look amazing on your front door.

Both wreaths are available now on the Little Succers site, but expect a 10 day wait due to production.

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