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Dads Share Heart-Melting Pics With Their Tiny Tots

Even the 'manliest' of men's hearts can melt at the sight of their little daughter or son. 

And in turn it brings a smile to our faces too. 

Cradling their tiny bodies in their large hands - protective but soft. 

Just like 'gentle giants'. 

Some of our listeners shared their favourite photos of their partner and their young kids and it just makes our hearts melt. 

Real love right there! 

It seems we're not the only ones. 

Karicare Toddler are on the search for ‘Australia's Gentlest Dad' - and if you know him, it might be worth entering him into the competition. 

Either submit a photo to GentleFeelsGood.com or via Instagram using the hashtag #gentlestdad. 

What's in it for you, you ask? A $5,000 photoshoot for your family. One dad and his toddler will become the face of Karicare Toddler and also have their adorable photo appear in Woman's Day just after Father's Day – T&Cs apply.

We're seriously thinking of just searching the hashtag in Instagram to see all the sweet moments captured in time! 

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