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Is This The Worst Reno In The History Of Aussie Reality TV?!

You better put your sunnies on, because you’re about to witness one of the most garish renovations in the history of Aussie reality TV!

Last night on House Rules, geek twins Andrew and Jono’s house makeover was revealed and it was certainly something to behold (we’re divided as to whether that’s a good thing!).

After asking contestants to create a home with “bursts of colour and a retro vibe”, they certainly got just that.


Lime green, yellow, purple, red, orange… the list of colours went on and on and on.

In fact, it seemed not a surface was safe from extreme colour choices.

But it had to be House Rules villains, Fiona and Nicole, who really went all out.

Mixing purple and lime green for their hallway, judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen described it best when he said: “I generally feel as though I’ve been sucked into an evil vortex of badly painted colour”.

Fellow judge Wendy went one step further calling it “horrific” before saying: “I can’t find one redeeming feature, it’s appalling”.

See for yourself in the gallery above. Trust us, these comments don’t even begin to do the house justice!

Although, to be fair – there are a couple of rooms that buck the trend. Thank goodness.


Wonder what Andrew and Jono will have to say about it all…

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