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Make HEAPS Of Money Selling Old VHS Tapes!

When DVDs and blu-rays were introduced in 1997-2000, most VHS tapes were chucked out. 

However over the last few years, VHS tapes have become increasingly valuable. 

If you think you might own some of the below VHS tapes, dig them out! Here's how much they could be worth... 

Tales from the Quadead Zone - Value: Up to $2000

World Class Championship (WCW) Bash at the Beach 2000 - Value: Up to $600

Last House on Dead End Street - Value: $400-$500

Star Trek Next Generation - Value: Up to $500

Disney's Beauty and the Beast - Value: Up to $500

Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals - Value: Up to $380

Disney's The LIttle Mermaid - Value: $195+

Delirium -  Value $150+ 

Brotherhood of Death - Value $76+ 

Yahoo Finance

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