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Nine Tips To Keep Spiders OUT Of Your Home

While we're enjoying the early return of the warmer weather, there is one thing about this time of year we're NOT so keen on.


We've noticed a big increase in the creepy crawlies and if, like most people, you'd prefer they stay outside, we have some hints to stop your place being invaded this summer!

1. Keep your place clean

The most effective way to keep the eight-legged critters out of your home is to put in some simple hard work and clean your home from top to bottom.

Spiders love hiding out in dark corners and neglected spaces and leftover food will attract insects and therefore spiders.

Vacuuming and dusting will also get rid of egg sacs and webs.

2. Get some citrus fruit

Apparently spiders aren't keen on citrus fruit juice so it's recommended to place limes, lemon or orange peel around your window ledges and under doors.


3. Fill your cracks

If there's cracks or ​holes in your walls it's a perfect place for spiders to hide, so fill them in with some silicone sealant

4. Get a cat

Kitties will spend hours chasing, catching and eating spiders.


5. Turn off outside lights and close the windows

It's a simple thing but try to use the A/C in the warmer months, opening the window is an open invitation to spiders. Also turn off your outside lights, light attracts insects, and of course insects attract spiders.

6. Peppermint, Eucalyptus or tea tree – even vinegar

Spiders apparently don't like peppermint, as it's similar to a substance some insects spray use.

Other oils including eucalyptus and tea tree may well have the same effect – also vinegar. But of course this does run the risk of making the smell in your house unpleasant.

7. Cedar wood

This is apparently a deterrent so if you are thinking of renovating your window sills, door frames and replacing them with cedar wood. Oh and maybe replacing all your furniture too…depends how badly you hate spiders we guess!

8. Garlic

It works on vampires so why not spiders? Crush the cloves in water and then put the solution into a spray and apply to your corners, skirting boards and cracks.


9.Protect the outside of your home

Clear anything that spiders could hide in like grass clippings, vegetation or woodpiles.

Check all openings, cracks and sills and then seal any gaps with caulk. Fix any torn window screens and cover vents or chimneys with fine mesh. 

In other words, do all that you can to keep them OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!


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