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The Major Health Concern For Pets This Spring

We can all agree that dandruff and allergies SUCK, yeah?

If you haven’t experienced them yourself, you would have heard someone else whinging about it!

But that’s the thing – your pets can’t verbalise to you how they’re feeling. So it’s up to YOU to prevent any coat issues from arising before it’s too late!

Steven Deveraux-Stanford from Ivory Coat says that Spring is a particularly common time for skin irritations among pets.

“Environmental allergens, such as pollens and grass seeds, can cause rashes and itching. Spring cleaning can also be the culprit.” He said. 

So if you’re using surface sprays, insecticides and cleaning fluids, be mindful of where you spray them – and most importantly, keep them away so you’re curios pets can’t get to them.

Steven from Ivory Coat also believes that the key to your pet’s glowing coat is good nutrition.

Look for ingredients like coconut oil, fish oils and Omegas. A high meat content can aid digestion and benefit your pet’s overall health.” He said.

“Australia has access to some of the best produce in the world, so take advantage of it by shopping local!”

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