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This IKEA Stocking Hack Is The Thing Your Christmas NEEDS

Ever since Balenciaga released a large blue tote bag that looked almost identical to IKEA’s Frakta bag, people have been going crazy with hacks for the $1 bag.

A quick Google search reveals that people have used the cheap bag to make sandals, bikinis, wallets, bags, dresses, and so much more!

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With the trend of IKEA bag hacks not slowing down and the hype of Christmas quickly rising, it’s no surprise the two have collided in spectacular fashion. 

U.K company Bootleg Baubles recently released the “Swedish Stocking” which was a Christmas stocking fashioned out of a classic IKEA blue bag.

The handmade design gained fast interest and soon all 50 of the limited edition stockings were sold out!


Fear not though! If you have a pair of scissors and a sewing machine, you can totally recreate the look for yourself. It’ll only cost a couple dollars compared to the ₤20 they were going for over at Bootleg Baubles. 

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