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"Why Adopting A Greyhound Was The Best Thing I Ever Did"

Eugene Talasch and his wife are dog people. They own three lively and much-loved dogs but wanted to add to their brood. It was this decision that led them to Greyhounds As Pets, an organisation that re-homes greyhounds that have retired from racing or are not suited to a racing career. Ahead of GAP’s Adoption Day this Saturday in Kellyville, KIIS had a chat to Eugene about why he chose to adopt his greyhound, Diddle and what he’s like as a pet.

Diddle greyhound

The Decision

Eugene and his wife had heard a lot about greyhounds as household pets so decided to do a bit of research. All the info they found online told them that greyhounds required little upkeep, had a relaxed temperament and were the perfect addition to any busy family. By chance, they came across GAP, “we had a few phone calls and the rest is history!”

The Process

Eugene reckons the process couldn’t have been easier once he and his wife decided to adopt, “GAP showed us some greyhounds, we chose Diddle (he was the best one, of course!) and a couple of minutes later he was on the backseat, comfortable travelling to his new home.” Eugene also mentioned that GAP provided ongoing support and offered advice whenever he and his wife had questions about their new pet.

The Dog

greyhound pet

Everything Eugene had read about greyhounds online was totally true of Diddle, “he is very affectionate, very calm and very quiet. He has a good nature and is very loyal.” When it comes to his interactions with the other dogs, Eugene explains that Diddle was accepted immediately as part of the pack and is “totally non-aggressive” with the other dogs, despite their difference in size. Eugene also notes that Diddle’s ex-racing prowess is still something to behold, “it’s amazing how fast he is, he certainly keeps me fit!”

The Lesson

greyhound adoption

Would Eugene recommend greyhound adoption to other families? Absolutely! He tells us that some people may think that greyhounds aren’t really apartment or indoor dogs but they actually don’t need much exercise and are super low maintenance, “we walk Diddle for 10-15 minutes a day, that’s all they typically need.” Eugene describes Diddle as a ‘couch potato’ and reckons he’s practically the perfect dog!

Plus, they’re super cute which is a total bonus! Check out some of the dogs that will be up for adoption this Saturday at the Kellyville Pets Adoption Day and find out more info about the day here.

greyhound adoption day

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