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You Can Now Buy GOLD R.M. Williams Boots!

When it comes to iconic Aussie clothing brands R.M. Williams is right up there with names such as Akubra, Bonds and Hard Yakka.

And now the legendary company that has been dressing Australians since 1932 has released an incredible new version of their world famous elastic sided boots...and they are GOLD!


That's right the new 'Yearling Adelaide' cut is metallic gold in colour and will set you back a lazy $545...

It looks like the humble little Aussie company is glamming things up since they were purchased by parent company Louis Vuitton!

They've proven so popular that they are currently sold out on their website with no plans to make more or re-release them in men's sizes, which is bad news for people like noted R.M's fan Karl Stefanovic...


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