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You Won’t Believe What Block Contestants Put In Kid's Room

Last night we saw the Blockheads presenting their children’s rooms to the judges - and holy moly were there some crazy reveals.

One room that seriously WOWED was from Aussie boys Sticks and Wombat.

They created a bunk bed at a 45 degree angle above the single bed below - but that wasn’t the only thing that blew the judges away.

There on the wall, was a rock-climbing wall.


Legitimately, albeit little, there stood a rock-climbing wall - the very thing kids would lose their MINDS over.

AMAZINGLY, Sticks and Wombat came third with 25.5 out of 30 for their room, the pair was docked points because their wallpaper was badly put on. LOVES IT!

Source: news.com.au

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