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Yumi Stynes' Hot Tip For A Fun, Easy Outing With Kids

For Christmas this year… I would like someone else to take the lead in organising a family outing, especially over the school summer holidays! Anyone! I will follow you anywhere! 

One of my saddest refrains is: “I don’t wanna always have to be the engine!”

It means that when it comes to getting everyone out of the house to do something fun, I’m always the one who musters up the idea, gets everyone enthused about the idea, figures out logistics getting to and from the idea – parking, toilets, weather, cost, nappy bag, snacks, sun hats, where’s-my-wallet?, etc., etc.

And then everyone gets there and has a great time and they all think it was so effortless! 

The other day I had an idea to go to a market that was on the other side of the city and parking is notoriously awful. BUT – I’d done my research and the public transport was actually pretty direct, pretty cheap and - dare I say? - a little bit fun.

My husband thought it was a terrible idea and tried to shut it down. His idea of an outing is to drink coffee and stare into his phone while the children single-handedly destroy a local café.

Anyway, I had to override his protest (which is impolite in a democratic household) and we were all heading toward the front door of the house, arms full of babies and baby bags and other crap and my 13-year-old says: “Hey Mum, have you got any shoes I can borrow?” 


Being a mum is a tough gig. Without me, the family is just the shell of a car, no engine, no purr, no hum, no action, going NOWHERE.  


For Christmas this year, if you’re looking for an outing for the whole family, think about the KFC Big Bash league.

It’s not drawn-out, endless sunburn cricket - it’s kind of like a highlights reel with fireworks, boundary performances and some of the world’s best cricket players, all in the one spot.

Basically, if you can get everyone there, put your feet up, your work is done!

The KFC Big Bash League is summer’s best value family entertainment! Start planning your night at bigbash.com.au.

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