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Cinemas With Playgrounds Exist And We're Shook

In what’s been described by one Twitter user as “the ninth circle of hell” is this story out of California.

Movie complex chain Cinépolis is about to open a bunch of cinemas featuring… playgrounds.

Like inside the theatre.


The play structure is almost 17 metres long and 8 metres high and is complete with slides, tyre climbing frames, bean bags and lounge chairs.

OK, it sounds pretty confronting to those who just want to see Ryan Gosling in peace, but as it turns out, children aged 3-12 are only about to use it before the film starts.


“The kids may enjoy the play areas 20 minutes before the showing begins,” a rep from Cinépolis said in a statement.

“Parents will supervise their children while they are playing and getting the wiggles out. At the 20-minute mark, a Cinépolis cartoon character will pop up on the screen and ask everyone to take their seat.”

Because little kids won’t have a meltdown or carry on if they’re not done playing after 20 minutes and are now suddenly being asked to sit still, right?

The cinema also provides colouring books and offer a kiddo-friendly food menu.

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