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Cyclists Who 'Drew' Goat Over Perth Follow Up With Numbat

Not satisfied with last year’s ‘goat ride’, a Perth cycling group Fight Club has made a stunning follow-up.

The club went viral last year when they used the tracking app Strava to ‘draw’ a goat (pictured up top), which took 202 kilometres to complete.

After being hassled about what they were going to create with their next ride, club member Ben Jones said that if they were to do it again, we should do it with a local animal.

"We thought it should be a WA animal rather than a feral pest, which is what a goat is,” he told The West.

“We did think about doing a quokka but there isn’t enough room on Rottnest for a proper ride.”

The group settled on the WA fauna emblem, the numbat.

After first mapping out the Numbat Ride, the group hopped on their bikes last Sunday for the 192-kilometre ride, which took the group through Kings Park, Carine, Ballajura, the Swan Valley and Belmont.

Numbat Ride 2018! . Today the @fghtclb.cc team followed up on our 2017 GOAT ride with an iconic and endangered West Australian species – the Numbat! We love our stripy little mates enough to ride their form for over 6 and a half hours, covering almost 200km and 2,500m of elevation. . The numbat, also known as the banded anteater is a small critically endangered marsupial. We did this ride just for fun, but hopefully we’ll also raise awareness of their plight. If you’d like to support their conservation, head on over to @project.numbat at numbat.org.au . @abcnews @cyclingtips @globalcyclingnetwork @perthzoo @reddit @stravacycling @thewestaustralian @west_cycle @9newsperth . #FGHTCLBCC #cycling #perthcycling #perthisok #goat #numbat #stravaart #gpsart #outsideisfree #fromwhereiride #roadslikethese #numbatcup

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It took the group 6 hours and 33 minutes.

Mr Jones acknowledges the absurdity of an animal-shaped cycle route but was happy to do something a bit different to raise awareness of numbats.

Numbats are an endangered species.

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