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Dietician Reveals Must Know Info About ‘What The Health' Doc

It's the Netflix documentary that's turning heaps people off meat, and turning some fully vegan.

'What The Health' claims that eating eggs as is as bad for us as smoking and explores the link between disease and the consumption of animal products.

A-list celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been urging fans to watch the doco and embrace a vegan lifestyle.  

So I sought the help of dietician Peta Carige to find out what I need to change and be cautious of if I do decide to give up meat - and heaven forbid, CHEESE.

Basically, Peta took a look at my whole diet, which I’ve recently changed to be a little more healthy, and actually told me to bulk out my breakfast and lunch a little more - I was shocked.

What kind of dietician tells you to eat more? A kind that knows what she’s talking about, you see, Peta identified that I’m relying too much on snacks between meals, which can cause you to fall off the wagon. Adding quinoa to salads and extra oats to my quick sachet and banana is a good way to do that, she explained.

As far as going vegetarian? She said there was one BIG problem she was seeing with people who went vegetarian.

Basically, meat provides us with essential amino acids that our bodies can’t produce.

They lay the foundation for EVERYTHING.

Our energy, our cell production, our overall health, and going off meat can spell disaster if we’re not replacing those amino acids.

Peta recommended teaming legumes with grains in a meal, as this is the only combination that makes a complete amino acid.

And in case you missed it, WE NEED THOSE.

So the lesson is, if you’re going to give anything up; meat, eggs - heaven forbid, cheese - do your research to find out how you can avoid losing out on any nutrients you normally get from those foods, or risk becoming deficient.

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