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Change Is Coming To One Of Australia's Biggest Supermarkets

Coles is set to cut its promotions to stamp out what it believes is its shopper's distrust in the supermarket giant.

The company will now invest in servicing an everyday low prices model to try and stay ahead of the game.

The Wesfarmers-owned supermarket has been under pressure from Woolworths an Aldi, who have already put money behind a similar model.

Coles Chief Executive Richard Goyder said "All things being equal we expect to see a rebuild in the sales momentum.

"I think Coles is in pretty good shape at the moment regarding customer perception, the investment in our stores, in pricing and service."

He went onto say that they currently have more promotions than they would like and while there would be changes ‘We can't move the entire range of everyday low prices ... but there are some products that move around dramatically, and we would like to move away from that."

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