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A Pop-Up Bar Made Out Of Lego Is Coming This Year

Growing up, you probably had a whole box of LEGO somewhere that you would constantly pull out and assemble many houses or even full towns with. 

The mere thought of Lego can take some people right back to their childhood so when you combine nostalgia with alcohol you get a new concept bar made entirely out of Lego. 

How many bricks does it take to build a bar made of Lego? Well, according to the creators behind Legobar, it will take a million bricks. The bar will feature a range of sculptures made entirely of Lego bricks and there will also be a variety of bricks around that people can shape into their own creations of their wildest dreams. 

The adult only space will have DJs spinning tunes all day and plenty of drinks. Just be careful of sharp brick edges! 

Ever wished you'd drink in a bar made entirely of @lego, while playing with it? Well, be careful what you wish for because Legobar is coming to Australia! Consisting of over one million bricks, and filled with Lego sculptures, will be the first of its kind and allows grown-up kids to take a trip down memory lane as they build their own masterpieces while listening to local DJs. Excited? So are we! Legobar will be coming to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane in Autumn 2018. #lego # #nevergrowup #legobar #legosculpture #au #melbourne #perth #brisbane #popup #retailnews #popup #popupshop #WAPUnews #popupevent #popupexperince #popupbar #popupeatery #booze #drink #beer #cocktail #nightout #goingout #legographer #legostagram #legoexplorers #legostarwars #bricks #legominifigure

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Since planning is still in its early days, it’s uncertain where we will be able to find these bars. However, we do know that they will be located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. 

The bars will open this autumn and tickets will be given to customers on a first come, first serve basis. 

Register you interest on the Legobar website here so you don’t miss out! 

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