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Aussie Hot Sauce Sh*ts Over Tabasco In Black Friday Sales

A Perth-based hot sauce that was only ever meant to be a joke is now the biggest selling sauce on Amazon in the US.

Bunsters Shit the Bed sauce has out-sold the worldwide kings of chili sauces, Sriracha and Tabasco, ahead of Black Friday sales.

The creator of the sauce, Renae Bunster says she was surprised that the name hasn’t put off the “conservative” US market.


“We always thought Americans were really conservative and they wouldn’t like a hot sauce called ‘Shit the Bed’, but they love it,” Bunster told 96FM.

“All the feedback on the name has been 100 per cent positive.”

She said they weren’t paying too much attention to Amazon until a few days ago, when the sauce first hit the Top 10.

“We went bananas when it hit number one,” Bunster said.

It comes as Amazon is tipped to officially launch in Australia on Friday.

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