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Bunnings Sausage Again Steps Aside For WA State Election

Since 2013, the Council of Australian Sausage has been doing the lord’s work.

Collating official and not-so-official data from around the country, they’ve got one of the most helpful websites at election time: where to find a sausage sizzle.

The website is all about mapping the sausage (and cake) availability on election days. All elections. Even by-elections. Tweets using #democracysausage is monitored with an eagle eye to keep tabs on this availability.

Their ‘crowdsaucing’ from social media is also used to inform voters if there is an absence of a sausage sizzle and/or cake stall.

Similar groups are included on the website, including Booth Reviews, Snag Votes and Australian Democracy on Facebook – but we found Council of Australian Sausage's was the most simple and up-to-date.


There is even a link to the Australian Election Commission for, oh you know, actual info on voting.

The Council of Australian Sausage

Twitter - @DemSausage #democracysausage

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AusDemocracySausage

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