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Cashless Supermarket Opens To Public After Year-Long Trial

After more than a year of trialling, the first checkout-free supermarket has opened to the public.

Using sensors which detect what customers select (and put back) and charging their account after they leave the store, cash, queues and checkouts have become redundant at Amazon Go in Seattle.

The convenience-style store opened to Amazon employees in a beta phase last year, but last week the public had their first taste.

To start shopping, customers scan a smartphone app and pass through a turnstile.

Cameras monitoring from above, with weight sensors in the shelves, determine exactly what people take. If a shopper puts an item back on the shelf, it’s removed from their virtual cart.

Customers who pass back through the turnstiles with an item has their account charged.

The test phase wasn’t without its problems. Shoppers with similar body types, identical-looking products and children moving items to incorrect places played havoc with in-store sensors.


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