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Coffee Filled Doughnuts Are A Legit, DELICIOUS Thing

Don’t have time to eat breakfast and grab a coffee in the morning? Well, doughnut worry! No longer do you have to choose just one because some genius has combined the two into one. 

Introducing, the DONUT LATTE and yep it’s just like it sounds. A deliciously foamy coffee poured into a warm, cinnamon donut. 

The bad news is that it was created by the Kenilworth Bakery. In Queensland.

They make them by hollowing out a massive, fluffy doughnut and filling it with a shot of espresso before topping it off with steamed milk.

But how do they stop the doughnut from soaking up the coffee?

Get this: the doughnut is lined with a thick coating of fricken Nutella.

Send a coffin around, I'm dead. 

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