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Domino's Future Menu Has NOTHING to Do with Pizza

Australia’s largest pizza chain, Domino's, has revealed plans to evolve their menu into "more than just pizzas."

For almost 35 years, the chain has pretty much stuck to pizza, but now, it's announced a general 'come at me' to the fast food market.

Domino’s chief digital officer Michael Gillespie said the company “isn’t just about pizzas” anymore but everything from sandwiches to ice cream.

We're talking sundaes, baguettes and a heckin' BREAKFAST range. 

Chief marketing officer Allan Collins told news.com.au that Domino's already has “an incredible base ice cream” and that they're looking at "sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, even those crazy shakes could work for us."

Domino's has also realised that they can totally build on everyone's favourite food group, garlic bread. They already offer a bolognese and cheesy herb and garlic version of the baguette, so it makes sense they're considering muscling into Subway's territory.

So, what about this talk about breakfast? 

While a fair percentage of us have, on occasion, scoffed down a couple of slices of cold supreme, but Collins said that Domino's was looking into "bacon and egg products and croissants".

No word on whether they were going to bring back the breakfast pizza, which was topped with rasher bacon, scrambled eggs and a smoky barbecue sauce as part of a 2014 trial.



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