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Garlic Bread Toasties Are Here And SUPER Easy To Make

Toasties are a classic lunch-time meal - they’re not only delicious but super simple to make.

But today, the humble toasty has risen in the ranks to our number one, go-to snack because instead of using just your average white, wholemeal or turkish bread, some genius has used GARLIC BREAD to encase the melted fillings!

And what’s even better is that the garlic bread toasty is still incredible super to make with a recipe on taste.com.au telling us that it should only take about 10 minutes altogether to whip up.

To make this delicious snack all you’ll need is your bread of choice (the recipe suggests chopping up a baguette), some garlic butter, smoked legged ham, cheese and parsley.

Simply spread the garlic butter onto the inner side of the bread, top with ham and cheese and then spread some more garlic butter on the outer side of the bread. The more garlic, the better we say!

Next, prepare a frying pan with some oil, place the sandwich in the pan and cook on both sides until golden brown. If you want your sandwich slightly squished you can place baking paper over the sandwich and place a second fry pan on top.

Lastly, for a bit of garnish sprinkle the parsley over the toasted sandwich. And voila! Your garlic bread toasty is complete.

Our tastebuds are seriously tingling just thinking about sinking our teeth into one of these bad boys!

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