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Holy Heart Attack! This Burger Is Covered In Melted Cheese

Forget Doughnut Fries, Cronuts, Rainbow Bagels, Freakshakes, Beer flavoured ice-cream and Nutella Bacon - We’ve got the latest food trend to emerge from the kitchen and it will straight up blow your mind.

Firstly, how much do you love cheese?

Because, we’ve stumbled upon a burger that is completely covered in... Wait for it...

An entire jug of hot, melted cheese. 

Yup, an entire JUG of CHEESE.

Watch the glorious, glutinous display below while I thank the food Gods.

Sweet CHEEZUS! Talk about a HOT MESS! I’m almost having a heart attack just looking at it!

Personally, just watching the melted cheese being poured ever so meticulously over the bun is satisfaction enough for me, but would you be willing to eat this absurdly cheesy burger?

The burger has been dubbed ‘The Cheesebomb’, and rightly so. It’s available at Maxwell’s London, but we have a hunch it won’t take long for this savoury delight to surface on our shores.

I’ve just got one question… How are we meant to eat this with our hands???

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