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Iceland Have 'Viennetta-On-A-Stick' And When's It Our Turn?

OK, this tease is almost just too much.

In 2016, you might remember we first heard that everyone’s favourite slab of ice cream, Viennetta, existed in single-serve form...

🍦🍦Need this so bad #vienetta 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦

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Australia responded appropriately. Mainly by losing its collective mind over it.

And, after seeing how bananas we went over the news of its sheer existence, ice cream giant Streets confirmed they were considering bringing the Australian population exactly want they wanted – Viennetta on-a-stick.

Thing is, while we wonder what, in fact, is going on with that, a Viennetta off-brand has popped up in Iceland.

And you know what, it looks pretty, well, close enough.

‘Vienna’ comes in the traditional vanilla flavour, which some social media users have started to discover and loving it sick, but there seems to also be a strawberry option.


Not gonna lie, we’re down for both. All damn day.

For those who haven’t already booked their ticket to Iceland, and while we wait for Streets to get it together, there’s always this…


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