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Look Out Greek Yoghurt, Icelandic Skyr Is Set To Replace You

When it comes to health and food trends, not much time passes before something new pops up! This time round the new food on the trends radar is and ancient Icelandic dairy product known as skyr. 

Despite skyr (pronounced ‘skeer’) being marketed as a yoghurt, it’s actually more of an Icelandic cheese, although not quite on the same scale as brie or cheddar. Skyr has a thick and creamy texture with a sour taste similar to Greek yoghurt.

When compared to traditional Greek yoghurt, skyr definitely comes out on top in nutritional value. The naturally high in protein and calcium, and low in fat and sugar with 20 grams of protein per 180 grams serve, it’s definitely a dream for the health conscious. The live cultures also aid gut health. 

You can easily serve skyr with fruits, muesli or honey, or you can add it to your smoothies or anything else that you might want to change the texture and density of. 

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