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Maccas Have Made A BIG Change And You'll LOVE It

McDonalds have always been at the forefront of innovation -  McDonalds Monopoly, on-screen ordering, McDelivery?!

Now, they’ve stepped the game up one HUGE step extra. You can now PRE-ORDER your favourite Maccas.

Yep, if you need to save time, or know you’re going to go be hungry later that day, you can get one step ahead of the game and get your munchies sorted ahead of time.


You can even save your card details to make it even quicker and more streamline your cheeseburger ordering experience - because we know how important that is. All you need to do is download the NEW mymacca’s mobile order and pay app.


On Snapchat, there was also a teaser image urging you to download the app, with a photo of a Maccas truck with the words, ‘Cheeseburger Day is coming’, and to download the app for a ‘cheesy surprise’…


Our hearts just stopped.

CHEESEBURGER DAY, what does it all MEAN?!

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