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Magnum Have JUST Released Three DELICIOUS New Flavours

Magnum have a reputation for doing things big and doing things tasty - and they’re newest launches are certainly no exception.

Kicking off 2018 with not one, but THREE new flavours.

Teaming up with three of Australia’s biggest fashion brands, Magnum have created three new flavours with a fashion twist - and they’re just to die for.


First up in The Fashion Collection is Magnum x Romance Was Born, who have created the Raspberry Chocolate Truffle to mimic the whimsical, out of this world colour collections.

Then there’s Magnum x By Johnny, who have created Hazelnut Salted Vanilla. The simple twist on the original Magnum is reflective of the brand’s effortless style with a modern edge. Last but certainly not least, there’s Bec & Bridge, who are known for their elegant lines and chic silhouettes.

They’ve created the Dulce de Leche Caramel, with the packaging representing a European summer holiday.

All three Fashion Collection flavours are now available in stores nationally.

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